Professional Expertise
Hengdu has currently more than 350 members of lawyers and related staff, including over 300 staff providing professional legal services. Most of the legal service professionals including lawyers hold doctor’s degrees or master’s degrees in law, business or engineering from reputable domestic or overseas universities. Some served as government officials for years. Some are senior judges and expert consultants, or once worked in world-class law firms, accounting firms, research institutions, investment banks, securities companies, foundations, etc. In addition, there is a team with overseas study or working experience to offer foreign-related legal services. With working languages including English, Japanese, French, Germany, Korean and Russian, team members are able to provide high-quality legal services for global clients.
  • Jiang Fengtao
    As the founder of Hengdu Law Firm, Mr. Jiang Fengtao has 15 years’ experience of legal service in the fields of commercial litigation, intellectual property and capital market. Ever since the establishment of Hengdu in December of 2010, Mr. Jiang has handled numerous major and intricate cases and projects concerning commercial litigation, capital market and intellectual property with excellent performance by virtue of his professional legal theoretical knowledge, profound legal accomplishments as well as skillful negotiation strategies. With the keen insight and effective management, Mr. Jiang has recruited a great many senior and deeply qualified lawyers in pursuing Hengdu’s new five-year plan. While sticking to the development of the core business in intellectual property and commercial litigation, Mr. Jiang leads the top-level team into the field of capital market at high speed. In the future five years, Mr. Jiang, together with his team, will be committed to offering clients top-quality legal services and adhering to the full-service pattern with collaborative development in the fields of “intellectual property, commercial litigation and capital market”.
  • Zhong Wen
    Deputy Head
    Mr. Zhong Wen holds a master’s degree in law from both Liaoning University and Toin University of Yokohama. With 23 years’ work experience, he is a member of China Licensing Executives Society (LESC) and the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI). Mr. Zhong has been engaged in legal services of civil and commercial litigation and legal consultation for 16 years since 2002. In the consultation held by the NPC on the amendment to the Trademark Law, he put forward a proposal, which was adopted by the Legislative Affairs Commission of the NPC Standing Committee and finally included in the newly revised Trademark Law. During his tenure in a well-known Chinese law firm, Mr. Zhong represented a number of international corporations in China to handle the litigation, safeguarding rights, crackdown on counterfeiting offenses and dispute resolution concerning intellectual property, as well as relevant legal consulting services. Up to now, he has dealt with over 2000 cases covering civil litigation of trademark infringement, copyright infringement, and unfair competition infringement, trademark administrative litigation of trademark opposition and trademark rejection, etc., and other trademark dispute under trademark administrative procedures.
  • Su Hang
    Senior Partner
    As a lawyer with 30 years’ experience, Mr. Su has been a chief judge in the intellectual property tribunal of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court for more than 15 years and entitled as senior judge. As one of the qualified judges in the intellectual property tribunal of Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court, he has profound trial experience in IP cases and a better understanding of the judge’s perspective and mode of thinking on the trial of IP cases.
  • Li Xiangdong
    Senior Partner
    With the education background of both science and law, Mr. Li has profound professional knowledge. He is a member of professional committee of patent in Beijing Lawyers Association. Mr. Li has been engaged in legal services covering the field of intellectual property, comprehensive legal business and commercial litigation for 12 years. He is mainly responsible for administrative and civil disputes involving patent, trademark, Copyright, technological secret, domain name and anti-unfair competition, etc. Besides, Mr. Li also provides customers with comprehensive professional legal services such as strategic layout of intellectual property and compliance disputes.
  • Zhang Yurui
    Senior Partner
    Mr. Zhang Yurui is the member of Copyright Law Committee of the 10th Session Beijing Lawyers Association, China Law Association on Science and Technology,China IP Law Association, China Intellectual Property Society. Proficient both as a lawyer and an expert, Mr. Zhang has participated in the handling and discussion of many complicated IP cases covering patent, copyright, trademark, anti-unfair competition, etc. He has great prestige in China with in-depth practical and theoretical study of copyright and trade secret. Since his participation in Hengdu, Mr. Zhang has handled numerous difficult cases to serve the best interests of the clients in the litigation.
  • Guo Haoqi
    Mr. Guo Haoqi holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (machine design & manufacturing and automation) from China Agricultural University and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (machines, systems and automation in production technology) from Leibniz University Hannover. Having practiced in legal services for over ten years, Mr. Guo specializes in patent related legal affairs in the field of machinery, electronics and automobile with an excellent command of both domestic and international patent laws and regulations. He once served as the patent engineer in Shanghai Lungtin Sinko IP Attorneys (now incorporated into King & Wood Mallesons), TeeHowe Patent&Trademark GmbH and Tee&Howe IP Attorneys GmbH. By virtue of his considerable practical experience, Mr. Guo has acted as agent for patent application of European and American enterprises in China to handle various affairs in patent application and examination including writing and translating relevant legal documents as well as OA response. In addition, he was once in charge of foreign patent application for Chinese enterprises and able to issue legal opinions for specific cases under in-depth analysis. With working languages of German, English and Chinese, Mr. Guo is competent to provide high-quality legal services for global clients.
  • Lei Dian
    Ms. Lei Dian has practiced in the field of intellectual property for over 10 years. She graduated from Beihang University with the major of applied physics (applied electronics technology). With the working languages of both English and Chinese, she has not only handled a lot of foreign-related litigation over patent invalidation, intellectual property and patent infringement, but also settled numerous IP disputes over patent for distinguished clients at home and abroad and well-known international enterprises. Ms. Lei has extensive experience in patent of all stages from patent discovering, searching, writing applications to invalidation and litigation.
  • Zhang Rongmei
    Holding a master’s degree in law, Ms. Zhang Rongmei not only works bilingually in Chinese and English, but also has an excellent grasp of Japanese with JLPTN1 qualification. By virtue of years’ practical experience in IP legal service of trademark, copyright, domain name and patent, Ms. Zhang has handled many administrative cases of well-known enterprises for domestic and foreign trademark application, trademark opposition and opposition review, trademark invalidation, and related administrative litigation, as well as civil cases including trademark and copyright infringement. Moreover, she is proficient in issuing risk assessment opinions on relevant cases, and working out solutions to disputes over trademark and intellectual property for distinguished clients at home and abroad together with international renowned companies.
  • Hao Yong
    Mr. Hao Yong is expert in handling various legal affairs including administrative enforcement of law, civil and commercial litigation, criminal defense, corporate integration and compliance, etc. He has dealt with administrative penalty cases concerning infringement, commercial bribe, illegal advertisement, etc., and civil and commercial dispute cases such as sales contract, lease contract, equity transfer, and private lending, which covers a number of industries including transportation, medicine, finance, electricity, electronics, and international trade, etc. Specializing in legal services for corporate compliance and governance, Mr. Hao is able to draft and review relevant legal documents for enterprises and assist with labor relations management, risk evaluation, prevention and control. In addition, on the basis of the trend in market development and policy changes, he can also provide professional legal guidance for enterprises to promote the orderly operation in accordance with relevant regulations.
  • Jin Xupeng
    Mr. Jin Xupeng holds a Bachelor’s Degree from China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing and a Master’s Degree from the University of Melbourne. As a qualified patent agent, he has been engage in legal service on many types of intellectual property cases for years. Mr. Jin specializes in legal services in both litigation and non-litigation patent cases such as response to the Notification of Office Action, patent re-examination, patent invalidation, patent infringement and tapping patent.
  • Wen Qi
    Ms. Wen Qi has a master degree of law at Renmin University of China with a thorough understanding of legal theories. She has excellent language skills of English level TEM8 and uses both Chinese and English as her working languages. With over five years of intellectual property legal services experience, Ms. Wen has provided comprehensive, high-quality and efficient legal services for well-known domestic and foreign customers. Ms. Wen once worked in a famous law firm. She has successfully dealt with a number of influential IP cases of great difficulty and complexity since her joining HENGDU.
  • Fan Peiwei
    Mr. Fan Peiwei holds both the bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in chemistry from Jilin University, and also a master’s degree in civil and commercial law from China University of political science and law. He has been engaged in patent related legal services for over 9 years. Mr. Fan previously served in in the Patent Examination Cooperation Center (Beijing), CNIPA with the examination of nearly 1000 patent cases. He is expert in substantive examination of patent of invention, patent reexamination, PCT international search and preliminary examination, evaluation report on patent of utility model, etc. As the principal attorney in the litigation, Mr. Fan is familiar with procedures of patent affairs in the field of intellectual property, and is able to provide professional and high-quality legal services with considerable experience in both patent examination and litigation.
  • Du Yanbo
    With a bachelor’s degree in economics from North University of China and a master’s degree in in law from China University of Political Science and Law, Lawyer Du Yanbo has practiced in the legal field for many years with considerable legal service experience. He is proficient in legal provisions and settlement of relevant disputes concerning property law, guarantee law, banking law, insurance law, trust law, securities law, labor law, etc. Mr. Du also specializes in the agency of contract cases such as sales or purchase contract, contract of work and brokerage contract, as well as commercial cases of equity transfer, shareholder qualification confirmation, bankruptcy liquidation, etc. Mr. Du once served in the court of Beijing No.2 Intermediate People’s Court. With wide working experience in the national judicial authority, he is familiar with the filing of civil and commercial case, case of appeal and enforcement case, attachment before the institution of an action and has conducted commercial trial of over 300 cases. By virtue of his outstanding performance, Mr. Du has been awarded many times by the court. His good command of procedures of case filing and trial from the judge’s perspective is conducive to the maximization of the client’s benefits.
  • Jie Lixia
    With master’s degree in law from Peking University, Ms. Jie Lixia has been engaged in legal profession for many years. She has hosted or participated in hundreds of civil and commercial litigation and enforcement cases. Ms. Jie is familiar with civil and commercial law, company law, contract law, property law, law of obligation, intellectual property law, securities law, marriage and family law, tort liability law, labor law and other laws and regulations as well as the practice. She is proficient in finding out the breakthrough of the case to maximize benefits of the clients.
  • Mu Fayuan
    With over 10 years’ professional experience, Lawyer Mu Fayuan is expert in legal consultancy and litigation over commerce and capital market, involving real estate, finance, tourism, education, medicine and health care, news media and other industries. He specializes in litigation over equity dispute, loan dispute, infringement dispute and labor dispute. Mr. Mu once served as the legal counsel in charge of the drafting, modification and review of various contracts, the formulation of rules and regulations as well as the participation of relevant capital market projects.
  • Zhang Jinjin
    Ms. Zhang Jinjin holds the degree of law from the China University of Political Science and Law. With wide practical experience in capital market, she is specialized in material asset restructuring, IPO, bond issuance and new third board of listed companies, and familiar with practical knowledge and operating skills related to securities business. With the qualification of TEM-8, Ms. Zhang uses English and Chinese as her working languages.
  • Yuan Shuyang
    Mr. Yuan Shuyang holds a bachelor’s degree in law from Beijing University of Technology and a master’s degree in economic law from Capital University of Economics and Business. With Certification of China Banking Professional and a good grasp of legal theory, he once published theses on capital law forum and participated in the compilation and proofreading of international economic law textbooks. Mr. Yuan once served in China Everbright Bank and accumulated considerable experience by performing the duties of writing enterprise credit report, reviewing business contract, issuing letter of guarantee, domestic letters of credit, collection of interest and payment collection, etc. As an expert in the field of capital market including privately-offered fund, debt restructuring,trust, domestic and foreign investment and M&A, Mr. Yuan can conduct due diligence and risk assessment, issue professional opinion, draft and review relevant agreement and contract to reduce the risk for the clients.
  • Ruan Lanquan
    Ms. Ruan majors both in economic law from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and in English from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Fluent in spoken and written English, Ms. Ruan once served at universities for many years and accumulated considerable experience in legal research and practice. She specializes in legal services in the field of capital market, including privately-offered fund, assets securitization, investment,financing, merger and acquisition, etc. Ms. Ruan has provided due diligence, risk assessment and other legal services for many listed companies, large and medium-sized enterprises, on projects such as investment, financing, asset securitization, merger and acquisition as well as reorganization.
  • Wang Yu
    Mr. Wang Yu is expert in dealing with non-litigation and litigation affairs in the field of intellectual property including foreign trademark, copyright, patent, unfair competition. His professional field covers domestic and foreign trademark application, assignment, opposition, trademark administrative litigation and relevant cases of appeal, trademark infringement litigation, trademark retrieval, customs files, priority right, notarial certification of evidence, application for the supervision over cases of retrial instituted through adjudicatory supervision procedure, power to engage in import and export trade, etc. In addition, he also provides legal consultation service on disputes in the field of foreign investment, administrative examination and approval, labor law, company law, contract law and international trade arbitration, etc.
  • Yang Wei
    Principal Lawyer
    With a master’s degree in computer architecture from University of Science and Technology Beijing, Ms. Yang Wei has been engaged in legal service of patent for over 12 years. She once served as an examiner in the Patent Office with wide experience in substantive examination of invention patent and patent invalidation. Familiar with procedures of both litigious and non-litigious patent cases, Ms. Yang is proficient in relevant laws and regulations concerning patent such as Patent Law, Rules for the Implementation of the Patent Law of the People’s Republic of China, Guidelines for Patent Examination, etc.; she has conducted in-depth studies on patent retrieval, patent infringement and patent invalidation, etc. Ms. Yang once handled many comprehensive patent affairs at home and abroad with good command of patent laws and regulations of the United States, Europe, Japan, Russia, South Korea and other countries. She is able to provide high-quality legal services for both domestic and foreign clients.
  • Wang Ling
    Ms. Wang Ling holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information System from Wuhan University and a Master’s Degree in Law from China University of Political Science and Law. She has practiced in the field of intellectual property for nearly 10 years. With considerable experience in legal service and professional skills, she is proficient in handling various legal affairs related to patent.