How We Can Help

Rapid development
Hengdu Insurance Department is set up to meet the diverse and complex legal services needs of clients, also we are committed to providing customers with a one-stop, business-wide law firm.

Effective solution
Finance is the core of the modern economy, and banking, insurance, trusts, etc. constitute the pillars of China's financial system. At the beginning of its establishment, Hengdu attached great importance to the layout of financial legal services, and focused on building a first-class financial legal service team composed of senior lawyers, bank experts, and insurance experts, committed to serving as a major financial institution.

Professional teams
We recruited professional and sophisticated senior partner in the securities field to lead the team. For the complicated project, about one hundred groups will work together to solve clients’ issue. They are experienced in Corporate financing, equity and debt capital markets, structured products and regulatory work.

Trust product structure design
According to the capital market situation, investors' risk tolerance, income requirements and other factors, combined with the actual situation of investment and financing targets and counterparties, the trust product structure is designed for trust company clients to ensure the legality and compliance of fund raising and trust transaction of trust products.

Formulation of trust business rules, measures, guidelines, etc

We summarize and sort out the characteristics of trust products, and formulate operating rules, management measures and operation guidelines for various types and industries of trust business for trust company customers in combination with laws, administrative regulations and regulatory requirements.

Issue of legal opinions on trust project

According to the provisions of laws, administrative regulations and other normative documents, combined with judicial practice, we demonstrate the specific legal problems in the process of trust fund raising and trust transaction, put forward solutions and give legal analysis opinions.

Drafting and revision of trust legal document

In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, we amend trust documents such as trust contracts, risk statements, and trust transaction documents.

Due diligence services for trust project

According to the client's requirements, we will conduct comprehensive, in-depth and detailed legal due diligence on investment and financing targets and counterparties by means of including but not limited to collecting data and visiting relevant departments. We analyze and demonstrate the preliminary structural design of trust company clients, put forward suggestions for modification and improvement, and issue legal due diligence report.