Foreign investment

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With its professional knowledge and rich investment and financing experience, strong professional planning ability and extensive financing channels, HENGDU can provide high-quality legal services related to the form of foreign direct investment enterprises for customers, including cooperative enterprises, joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises, as well as the most advanced investment strategies in China.

Multi-resource cooperation

In the long-term capital market legal services, HENGDU has established smooth communication channels and good cooperative relations with the Ministry of Commerce, the national development and Reform Commission, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the state owned assets supervision and administration, as well as stock exchanges, major securities companies and investment companies.

Due diligence to provide investment reference

  • Investigation of the legal environment, policy environment and economic environment

  • Investigation of the sales market

  • Investigation on human resource cost

  • Investigation of the credit status of partners and other micro aspects

Issue legal opinions

  • Plan the most suitable investment mode

  • Design the best investment plan

  • Participate in investment negotiations

  • Draft and review investment letter of intent and investment contract

Providing legal services for the establishment of enterprises

  • Draft and review the articles of association

  • We design the ownership structure, the way of investment and the internal management structure of enterprises

  • Assist in the approval and registration of investment projects

  • Complete the enterprise establishment and registration procedures

Other legal services

  • We provide legal services for foreign investors to acquire shares or assets of domestic enterprises

  • Reinvestment of foreign invested enterprises

  • We provide consultation and document drafting related to government approval and filing

  • Antitrust declaration

  • National Security Review

  • Tax planning agency for related litigation or arbitration













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