Overseas investment

How We Can Help

Rapid development

As China's "one belt, one road" strategy is implemented, China's pace towards the world is accelerating, and the demand for overseas investment by domestic enterprises is stronger. HENGDU overseas investment professional department is established to meet the diverse and complex legal service needs of clients.


At present, we have provided legal services to a number of clients, including large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, covering tender offer, equity asset merger and acquisition, project financing, joint venture and other different types of projects. For example, on behalf of the sponsor of the United Kingdom, participating in the listing projects of several domestic production enterprises in Britain aim; providing legal services for a large-scale central enterprise to establish a hydropower joint venture in Indonesia as an investor lawyer; providing legal services for a large-scale central enterprise to set up a power plant project in Mongolia as an investor lawyer; and establishing a company in Thailand as an investor lawyer to provide legal services for joint venture projects; to provide legal services for a holding limited company to inject capital into overseas listed companies.

Full service

HENGDU overseas investment business covers M & A, green land investment, construction, real estate, PPP projects and other forms of investment. The clients represented include large state-owned enterprises, listed companies, various investment funds, investment banks, etc.; related industries include technology intensive investment fields such as high-tech, big health and high-end manufacturing, and traditional investment fields such as natural resources, energy, large-scale infrastructure and real estate.

Multi-resource cooperation

We have established and maintained good trust and cooperation with first-class law firms in North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and other regions. The implementation of the "going out" strategy provides more convenient and economic global legal services to help Chinese enterprises make overseas investment and make use of overseas resources, technologies, brands and markets. HENGDU international law group has also been incorporated in Hong Kong. With HENGDU's international advantages, HENGDU has the ability to provide effective solutions and international professional services for Chinese clients' overseas investment business.

Pre investment legal services

  • Assist the investor to collect and screen the information of the target company, such as information, credit status, economic status, legal status, equity status, procedural effectiveness of partner's internal decision-making, and local government's inclination and attitude, etc. Through the analysis of data and information, we can preliminarily determine whether there are major obstacles affecting the investment activities

  • Through a comprehensive study of laws and regulations on state-owned assets management, overseas investment, foreign exchange management, companies, securities and taxation, we evaluate the feasibility of the project from a legal point of view

  • Assist the investor to establish overseas strategic cooperative relationship with an intermediary company

  • Review and assist the investor to sign the investment consultancy contract, clarify the cooperation mode, time schedule and respective rights and obligations of both parties

  • According to the domestic laws and regulations, assist the investor to draft the company's application documents, issue legal opinions, and start the approval process for foreign investment

  • According to the law of the country where the target company is located, we timely assist the investor to instruct the investment consultant to apply for the foreign investment permission procedures, so as to obtain the legal qualification of the bidding subject

Legal services in investment

  • Assist the investor in the due diligence project of the target company

  • Assist investors to review all stage legal documents, assist investors in legal risk assessment of target assets, and put forward reasonable suggestions on strengthening transaction risk control

  • Assist investors to determine a reasonable investment model     

  • Assist the investor to design and determine the most favorable dispute resolution and legal remedy

  • Assist investors to prepare and participate in negotiations and meetings related to this transaction

  • Assist investors to review transaction prerequisites

  • Assist the investor to review the guarantee and commitment made by the partner in this transaction

  • Assist investors to make appropriate guarantee and commitment for this transaction, so as to avoid risks reasonably

Post investment legal services

  • Assist the investor to review the documents required for the performance of the contract

  • Assist the investor to prepare the document verification meeting and determine whether the performance can be started

  • Supervise the implementation of the cooperation agreement and assist the investor to control the risk in the process of implementation, mainly the payment risk

  • Assist the investor to actually take over the subjectAssist in the registration of various state-owned asset