M & A business

How We Can Help

Our business includes listed company acquisition, major asset restructuring, merger and acquisition, backdoor listing and other securities market business; it also includes non-listed company merger, acquisition and other business mergers and acquisitions. We have accumulated rich theoretical and practical experience in the field of M & A. We have successfully handled a large number of M & A, bankruptcy and liquidation cases all over the country, involving state-owned enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, private enterprises and other types of enterprises, including finance, real estate, construction engineering, oil, new energy, Internet, shipping, logistics, cultural media and other industries.

Merger and acquisition of listed companies

  • We conduct comprehensive legal due diligence on the underlying assets, and propose solutions to the major legal risks found in the investigation

  • We assist in demonstrating and drawing up major asset restructuring plans

  • We assist in communication with creditors, and draft creditor's notice, consent letter, confidentiality agreement and other relevant documents

  • We draft the meeting documents of the board of directors and the general meeting of shareholders on the deliberation of the material assets reorganization of the listed company

  • We draft commitment documents to be issued by all parties in major asset restructuring

  • We can draft relevant legal opinions for major asset restructuring in accordance with the relevant requirements of China Securities Regulatory Commission, state owned assets supervision institutions and stock exchanges

  • We assist listed companies in information disclosure of major asset restructuring

Commercial M & A business

  • We conduct a comprehensive legal due diligence on the underlying assets, prompt risks and propose solutions for major legal problems found in the investigation

  • We assist in the demonstration and preparation of the acquisition plan

  • We assist in the negotiation and negotiation of the acquisition

  • We draft, review and revise the legal documents related to the transaction (such as equity acquisition agreement, capital increase agreement, etc.)

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