How We Can Help

Trademark practice is one of HENGDU's trump card practices. We provide trademark practice for the following clients: CSMC, China Resources, Midea, Yili, free, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Kimberly, Vipshop, Yangshengtang, Haoliyou, Denmark ONLY, Amore Pacific, Wuxi Little Swan, Jiangxi Hengda, Hunan Juewei, Foton Daimler, Haitian seasoning, Xizhilang, TKD cable, Beixin, Taishan gypsum, Dongpeng holding Etc. 

Non litigation practices

  • Trademark monitoring

  • Trademark compliance training

  • Practice for the recognition of well-known trademarks

  • Reexamination of trademark rejection

  • Declaration of trademark invalidation

  • Due diligence, agreement drafting and risk prevention and control of trademark licensing, transfer, pledge and financing

  • Industrial and commercial complaints and crackdown on counterfeit goods

Litigation practices

  • Administrative litigation of trademark rejection review

  • Administrative litigation of trademark invalidation

  • Administrative litigation for trademark objection / non-registration review

  • Administrative litigation of trademark revocation review

  • Trademark infringement disputes

  • Disputes over the ownership of trademark right

  • Disputes over trademark licensing contract

  • Disputes over trademark right transfer contract

  • Trademark criminal proceedings