Films and television

How We Can Help

Integrated plan

Through more than ten years of deep cultivation in the field of entertainment, culture and media, HENGDU has unique experience in major legal risks and business opportunities in this field, and has accumulated rich practical experience in this field. We are good at the problems in the operation of cultural and entertainment film and television media enterprises, including film and television investment, film and television production, film and television distribution and projection, film introduction, cinema investment, film and television / script / sound Music copyright ownership, acting brokerage, soft advertising placement, traditional advertising and other film and television industries to provide comprehensive solutions.

General advisory

  • Legal information integration

  • Contract drafting, review, modification, and contract management system

  • Legal risk prevention and control of corporate governance

  • Project negotiation

  • Legal training

Non litigation special practices

  • Cultural film and television investment and financing

  • Cultural film and television project production

  • Management of cast members

  • Large scale performance management

  • Art Project

Litigation and arbitration agency in the field of cultural film and television

  • Copyright dispute agency

  • Other intellectual property dispute agencyCommercial dispute agency in other cultural and film fields