Commercial arbitration

How We Can Help


Our commercial arbitration department can not only assess the legal risks and legal liabilities for clients, but also help clients to formulate correct response plans and implementation strategies when disputes inevitably arise. In the course of practicing for many years, our lawyers have accumulated rich experience and winning skills in dealing with complex dispute settlement, and have accumulated many non- litigation dispute settlement skills, enjoying a high reputation in various forms of dispute resolution.

Full industries covered

We can not only provide risk aversion practice for clients before litigation, and provide customers with constructive and feasible risk prevention and control scheme, but also provide dispute resolution evaluation in a specific case. Our practices including filing a case, property preservation / evidence preservation, participating in arbitration court, reconciliation / mediation procedure, follow-up execution and so on.

Types of dispute resolution

  • Various civil and commercial contract disputes

  • Various investment disputes

  • Various financial loan disputes

  • Disputes over technology development, cooperation and transfer

  • Product quality liability dispute

  • Patent, copyright, trademark, domain name, trade secret, unfair competition and other intellectual property disputes

  • Equity disputes of enterprises

  • Disputes in the field of cultural film and television

  • Contract disputes of real estate, engineering construction and installation project

  • Maritime disputes

  • International trade, L / C and bill disputes


  • Pretrial investigation and evidence collection

  • Act as an agent for commercial arbitration

  • Property preservation in arbitration procedure

  • Evidence preservation in arbitration procedure

  • Application for confirmation of validity of arbitration agreement

  • Application for cancellation of arbitration award

  • Application for recognition and enforcement of Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign arbitral awards

  • Drafting and Reviewing Arbitration Agreement

  • Participate in pre litigation reconciliation and mediation to investigate property clues