Construction project

How We Can Help


A lawyer should run through the whole project. Especially in the field of construction engineering, we must run through the whole process of construction projects, in order to effectively prevent the legal risks caused by management omissions or mistakes in construction projects. Relying on our rich experience in dispute resolution and project management, we can provide risk prevention and control for the whole process of engineering projects, and provide strong support for the stable development of construction enterprises and the stable improvement of profit margin.At present, HENGDU Construction Engineering Department has provided practices for many large-scale real estate companies and construction enterprises. It is mainly committed to large-scale civil engineering, urban transformation, basic transportation projects, commercial building projects, residential projects, property financing, property leasing, real right guarantee and settlement of various disputes in real estate and land transactions. In terms of non-litigation, HENGDU Construction Engineering Department is familiar with the risks in the process of real estate development and construction project construction, and can formulate targeted plans to prevent risks, assist clients to standardize construction management, and better achieve economic purposes.


HENGDU has made remarkable achievements in the field of environmental engineering, infrastructure, public utilities, landmark engineering and other legal services. We can provide professional legal solutions for all kinds of legal problems in the whole process of project construction for the owners of construction projects, real estate developers, construction units, design units, survey units, etc.

Practices for the whole process of the project

Our lawyers take care of the growth of construction projects from the legal point of view, and monitor every link in the construction process, which is conducive to eliminating the hidden dangers, making up the defects and reducing the risks associated with the project construction for enterprises. At the same time, from the commercial point of view, to help enterprises standardize the legal compliance of project construction, and to maximize the interests of enterprises.

Project undertaking

  • Due diligence: contact clients to understand their needs, establish the initial direction of service with clients, and formulate due diligence report according to clients’ transaction needs. Help to effectively assess the project risk, as a reference for evaluating the cooperation mode and cooperation expectation, and help the enterprise to enhance the project value by legal means.

  • Assist in negotiation: formulate negotiation list and scheme, provide negotiation guidance when necessary; provide legal support in time, make written meeting minutes, and determine whether to record and sign memorandum according to actual situation.

  • Risk identification: risk identification and assessment are carried out for the general contract construction contract, put forward prevention and control opinions to effectively avoid risks.

Supplier management

  • Provide professional supplier contract template for customers, and form fixed contract version. 

  • Review and modify supplier contract according to customer requirements.  

  • Special customized training to improve the risk control ability and management ability of project managers.

Engineering claim and counterclaim

  • Track the progress of the project, find the opportunity of project claim, and realize the whole process of project claim tracking. 

  • Assist in drafting and revising the work contact list and visa of project claim.

  • Review the compliance of the other party's claims and avoid unnecessary claims in time.


Assist in negotiation in case of delay in submitting settlement data and settlement.

License management

  • Assist enterprises in license processing, management and annual inspection, including construction land use right certificate, construction land planning permit, construction project planning license, etc.

  • Assist enterprises in digital filing of licenses and establish and improve the legal risk prevention and control system.

Dispute resolution

  • Disputes over the right to use construction land.

  • Disputes over the contract for the transfer of the right to use construction land.

  • Disputes over transfer contract of construction land use right.

  • Construction contract disputes include but are not limited to: construction engineering survey, design, construction, subcontracting, supervision, decoration contract disputes, price priority compensation disputes, etc.

  • Disputes over the mortgage of land contractual management right.