Accounts receivable management of building materials industry

How We Can Help

The accounts receivable Department of the building materials industry divides the practices into three business segments: concrete, steel and construction equipment leasing.We adopt the full risk agency of first service and then charge. We design the system of advancing funds with self-owned funds first, which connects the business department and building materials clients into a community of interests.


  • No need to pay in advance

  • The court costs shall be paid by HENGDU at first

  • 100% of the payment received shall be paid to the enterprise first

  • In the concrete and construction equipment leasing sector, the enterprise takes the liquidated damages and interest generated by the overdue payment of the debtor as the agency fee

  • Provide comprehensive and high-quality daily legal advisory services for the continuous cooperation with building materials enterprises clients free of charge

Prevention in monitoring and collection

Based on a set of case management system built by ourselves, we have collected litigation data of more than 10000 cases, including property information, project information, management mode and decision-making organization of construction companies. Through the strong clue support, we can use a variety of security measures to accurately lock the opponent's property information, and ensure the smooth and rapid payment.

HENGDU has set up an asset management company to purchase high-quality creditor's rights with its own funds, which can solve the urgent cash needs of customers in continuous cooperation.