Enterprise credit management Summary

How We Can Help

Our department of enterprise credit management is specialized in providing risk management and legal collection services for enterprises, engaging in pre risk prevention, in-process risk monitoring and post risk disposal.We have nearly 10 years of practical experience in the collection of non-performing assets and commercial accounts. We are good at using litigation and non-litigation means to quickly recover funds for enterprises. In addition, HENGDU has a deep insight into the omission of enterprises in the process of business account collection in the past 10 years, and thoroughly understands the reasons for losing the lawsuit and unable to implement the payment collection, which can provide legal support, management suggestions and system construction for the risk prevention of various transaction links of enterprises.


  • Through credit investigation, establish credit management system to help enterprises classify clients' credit level

  • According to the different credit levels of the enterprise customer groups, develop more targeted development strategy

  • Assist enterprises to establish credit evaluation system, credit approval system, customer information management system, accounts receivable management system, collection procedures, etc.

  • Assist enterprises to establish customer archives, timely update and dynamic management

Risk monitoring

  • Provide credit control and contract practice skills for enterprises, and help enterprises cultivate professional credit management talents

  • Establish contract text database for enterprises, guide contract signing and reduce the risk of contract signing

  • Choose the appropriate way to protect the creditor's rights for enterprises, assist in the mortgage registration, and provide more protection for the follow-up payment

  • Carry out contract tracking management, design and improve the procedure of contract performance

Risk management

  • Analysis and diagnosis of overdue accounts

  • Tracking management of accounts receivable

  • Overdue loan collection

  • Data and property cluesUse preservation and other measures to lock the debtor's property