Special assets

How We Can Help

HENGDU special assets team continues the traditional business of non-performing assets legal services, and comprehensively uses the methods of sale, replacement, lease, asset restructuring, debt to equity swap, asset securitization to dispose of loans and collateral. We provide management consulting, merger and acquisition, separation and reorganization, packaging and listing services for debtors. We apply for bankruptcy liquidation to the enterprise which is really insolvent. According to the relevant laws and regulations, we sell creditor's rights and equity to domestic and foreign investors to maximize the value of asset recovery.

Due diligence services for banks selling special asset packages

  • Assist banks to improve the management system of transfer of non-performing loans

  • According to the legal provisions, assist the bank to determine the transferable asset package, and help to sort out the information required for loan confirmation

  • Due diligence, feasibility demonstration and scheme formulation of the asset package to be transferred by the bank

  • Introduce the corresponding asset management company to the bank

  • Introduce legitimate bidders to banks

Provide special and perennial legal practices for AMC, central enterprises, local bonds, private special asset investors, financial special asset investment companies and other special asset investment institutions

  • Due diligence in acquisition phase of special assets

  • Asset package liquidation (withdrawal) after acquisition of special assets

  • Asset package management after acquisition of special assets (perennial legal advisory service)

Withdrawal of investment projects

Project overall due diligence, exit program design and assistance in negotiation, drafting documentsAppraisal of assets and equity

Agency services for creditor

  • Bring a lawsuit or apply for arbitration, apply for property preservation, apply for changing the subject of action

  • Application for realization of mortgage, application for execution and resumption of execution

  • Notarization of enforcement effect

  • Acting as an agent to sue for confirmation of assignment of creditor's rights

  • Bankruptcy liquidation, compulsory liquidation

Help the debtor to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests

  • Objection to jurisdiction and enforcement

  • Application for forensic expertise

  • Put forward the right of preemption

  • The procedure of putting forward the notice of assignment of creditor's rights is improper

  • In the lawsuit, we claim that the creditor's rights have passed the limitation of action, the guarantee is invalid, and the interest calculation is wrong

  • In the process of property preservation or execution, we defend the creditor (or the court) over the standard of seizure and wrong seizure of the property of the outsider

Provide legal services for securitization of special assets and transfer of usufruct of credit assets

  • Transaction structure design, transaction text production, due diligence of basic assets, issuance of due diligence report, issuance of legal opinions, etc.

  • Participate in the initiation of asset securitization and the formulation of the plan

  • Deal with the legal affairs involved in the establishment of ad hoc agencies

  • Participate in consultation and negotiation, draw up or review various legal documents

  • Provide professional legal advice for the credit assets to be transferred by commercial banks