State organs

How We Can Help

HENGDU state organs team can provide all kinds of legal practices for administrative organs and administrative counterparts, including litigation and non-litigation practices. Specifically, it covers administrative penalty, administrative license, administrative levy, information disclosure, application for duty performance, administrative reconsideration and litigation, legal adviser of administrative organ, special service of administrative organ, etc.

At present, HENGDU State organs team has accumulated rich practical experience and won high praise from clients by providing various professional services for clients in many cases involving provincial, municipal, district level state power organs and government departments.

Non litigation

  • All year round legal advisors of government agencies and government projects provide legal risk prevention assessment and decision-making demonstration

  • Assist the state organs in the establishment of labor and personnel system and prevention and control of labor legal risks

  • Assist state organs or enterprises to carry out contract (agreement) negotiations such as government investment promotion, PPP project investment, government procurement, and other economic and trade negotiations, contract negotiation and signing, and provide legal advice to prevent potential risks

  • Provide professional advice for administrative legal affairs such as administrative punishment, administrative compulsion, administrative levy, administrative license, administrative registration, administrative hearing, administrative adjudication, administrative contract, etc., and issue legal opinions for major administrative legal affairs

  • Assist state organs in processing state compensation applications, or assist in formulating institutional compensation programs


  • Acting as an agent for administrative punishment and other routine administrative litigation

  • Acting on behalf of the government, public security, resources, urban and rural construction, family planning, industry and commerce, quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, health, agriculture, price, environmental protection, transportation, taxation, postal service, finance, customs, foreign exchange, audit, education, radio, television, film and other state organs or administrative counterparts in dealing with various specific administrative acts (such as administrative penalty, administrative license, administrative confirmation, etc.)

  • Acting as an agent in administrative litigation of state owned land and housing expropriation