How We Can Help

We solve civil and commercial litigation and arbitration projects such as property loss disputes, personal injury disputes, tort compensation disputes, cargo transportation disputes, aircraft construction and transaction disputes, labor disputes, etc.

Our clients include China Aviation Group Resources Corporation, Air China, Capital International Airport Corporation, AVIC Power Control Co., Ltd., Nanjing Yangtze River Waterway Engineering Bureau, etc.

Non litigation

  • Reform, listing, reorganization, merger and acquisition and refinancing of aerospace enterprises

  • Tax and antitrust legal services for aerospace enterprises

  • Construction and management of operational risk prevention and control system for aerospace enterprises, demonstration and suggestions on decision-making matters in daily production, operation, management and external contact

  • Airport operation, airport project development, construction, operation, property management, franchising legal services 

  • Legal services for aircraft manufacturing, leasing, mortgage, financing and other projects


  • Airport construction and operation disputes

  • Aviation disputes

  • Spaceflight disputes