Natural resources and energy

How We Can Help

Our lawyers are specialized in dealing with all kinds of civil and commercial lawsuits such as project development contract disputes, equity disputes, technical contract disputes, transportation contract disputes, labor disputes, etc., as well as administrative reconsideration and administrative litigation such as administrative licensing and administrative punishment.

We have served clients include China Steel Group, Guodian united power, Beijing Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel Group, Sinochem oil, China Coal Geology group, Yuntianhua group, China mining industry, PetroChina, China electric power construction, Chalco international engineering, Beijing Xinlian iron group, CNPC Dongfang geophysical exploration Co., Ltd., MCC jiaonai Engineering, Beijing, China Metallurgical Engineering, information center of Ministry of environmental protection, China University of petroleum, China Electric Power University, North China Electric Power University, etc.

Perennial practices

  • Daily legal consultation required by mining, oil, coal, forestry, beach and other natural resources enterprises, power, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy and other energy enterprises and relevant administrative authorities

  • Practice on administrative license acquisition, renewal, public bidding, auction, listing transfer, and lease

  • Exploitation, application and maintenance of intellectual property rights of natural resources and energy enterprises

Project development and construction practices

  • Establishment of Sino foreign cooperative or joint venture energy enterprises

  • Due diligence, feasibility analysis, risk and compliance legal scheme design and project negotiation of domestic and overseas natural resources and energy projects

Investment and financing, M & A services

Merger and acquisition business, private investment and financing of natural resources and energy enterprises

Acting for all kinds of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration cases

  • Disputes over the development, investment and merger of oil, natural gas, LNG, coal, electric power, mining and other projects

  • Disputes over contracts for Sino foreign cooperative exploration and development of natural resources

  • Disputes on transfer, such as mining right and prospecting right