Traditional crimes

How We Can Help

We can provide professional and efficient traditional crime prevention and defense in all kinds of public prosecution cases, private prosecution cases and criminal incidental civil cases, and provide full process legal practices in corresponding criminal investigation, criminal prosecution and criminal trial procedures.


  • Traffic accident crime

  • Crime of dangerous driving

  • Larceny

  • Robbery

  • Crime of Embezzlement

  • Crime of extortion

  • Crime of intentional injury

  • Intentional homicide

  • Crime of death caused by negligence

  • Crime of rape

  • Crime of organizing prostitution

  • Crime of abducting and selling women and children

Investigation stage

  • Meeting with criminal suspect         

  • To investigate whether the criminal suspects constitute a crime and participate in the role, participation procedures, and the degree of crime      

  • The suspect will be provided with legal advice, application for bail pending trial, agency complaint and complaint

Review and prosecution stage

  • To defer the suspect, consult, extract and copy the relevant litigation documents and technical appraisal materials          

  • Meeting and communicating with suspect       

  • To investigate and collect relevant evidence materials           

  • To submit a lawyer's opinion to the procuratorial organ on the facts and evidence of suspected financial crimes

Trial stage

  • Consult, extract and copy the relevant materials of the case during the first and second instance          

  • Meeting and correspondence with the accused          

  • Investigation and collection of evidence          

  • Participate in court proceedings         

  • Put forward the defense opinions of the defendant suspected of financial crime as innocent, minor or mitigated

Appeal stage

  • To put forward the appeal opinions on behalf of the parties concerned           

  • Making complaint materials on behalf of others           

  • File a case on behalf of the retrial and participate in the defense of the retrial case