Criminal compliance

How We Can Help

We can provide clients with a full range of legal practices including pre criminal risk prevention, criminal risk management and control, and defense of criminal cases afterwards, so as to ensure the compliance of projects and effectively avoid criminal risks.

Non litigation

  • Conduct criminal risk investigation on the business model of enterprises and provide compliance suggestions

  • Provide legal training on criminal compliance / anti-corruption, daily legal consultation for enterprises, and assist enterprises to establish and improve internal compliance system and risk control system

  • In specific projects, we provide criminal compliance for enterprises, assist in responding to government departments' investigation, surprise inspection and inquiry, including the formulation of pre plan measures, on-site assistance and crisis management, and assistance in public opinion monitoring


  • Assist clients to fully communicate with public security organs, procuratorial organs, supervision organs, etc., effectively communicate on criminal compulsory measures, criminal compensation, criminal reconciliation and other matters, and strive for the best results

  • Acting as an agent in criminal incidental civil litigation or related civil and administrative litigation cases, assisting clients in investigation and evidence collection and responding to lawsuits

  • Acting for cases with cross relationship between criminal and civil cases, assisting in initiating criminal case investigation based on the criminal clues in the case, and promoting the favorable progress of civil cases with criminal evidence or investigation and judgment results