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The consultant team of HENGDU national perennial legal counsel center implements professional subdivision management, which is composed of elite lawyers in 47 professional fields. HENGDU's client group covers 30 major industries. The consultant team cooperate with enterprises from all walks of life by combining the industry characteristics and past service experience.

HENGDU is committed to building a smart legal mobile office platform. With the full set of intelligent legal management system, HENGDU national perennial legal consulting center can monitor the whole process of enterprise risks, so that 80% of the risks of enterprises can be avoided before occurrence. It can control the service progress, inspect the service quality and receive client feedback at any time.

As the intangible assets of enterprises, intellectual property rights play an important role in improving the market share of products, preventing infringement and increasing the value of enterprises. We have successfully protected the intellectual property rights of well known enterprises such as Orion Confectionery, Huawei and Midea.


Labor and personnel, business contracts, equity options, fiscal and tax accounts, intellectual property rights, government regulation.


  • Comprehensive legal risk investigation

  • Establishment of corporate governance system

  • Establishment of qualification certificate system

  • Establishment of labor employment system

  • Establishment of contract management system

  • Basic legal training services